▷Best Online Bike Stores in the US, Europe, and More (2022)

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This article includes the best online bike stores in the US, Europe, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

I researched their products, customer reviews, and more to help you choose your go-to online bike store.

Whether you are a mountain biker, road cyclist, or recreational rider, I am sure you will find a store of your liking.

I also regularly update the list to keep it up to date.

It’s not in any way designed to benefit stores I am affiliated with (unlike other lists out there).

Let’s dive in.

How Did I Choose the Bike Stores?

Firstly, I pre-selected stores where I have a good shopping experience. I am based in Europe, so this step mainly includes European-based stores.

To discover more stores, I read discussions (mainly on Reddit) of passionate cyclists and their experiences.

I also gathered customer ratings from Trustpilot. Ratings from Facebook, Yelp, and similar, are often not trustworthy, so I didn’t take them into consideration.

Learn more about individual criteria.

Summary of the Best Online Bike Stores

The following table shows the summary of the best online bike stores, including info about their international shipping policy, Trustpilot rating, etc.

I sorted the stores by their Trustpilot rating.

Please, allow me a few notes:

  • The list doesn’t include bicycle brand stores (e.g., Specialized, Trek, Giant, etc.). For more info, you can check my other article on the best bicycle brands.
  • Prices of products across online bike stores are usually the same or similar. For this reason, I didn’t include price as a ranking factor.
  • I included Amazon because of its worldwide presence and wide product offer (especially cycling accessories).

What Are the Best Online Bike Stores Worldwide?

The following subsections include the best online stores in certain parts of the world (the USA, the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia).

Thanks to its fast delivery times, return policy, and worldwide presence, I recommend Amazon for cycling accessories and other lower-value products. However, it’s not the best store for buying bicycles.

NOTE: Stores marked with * are those I am affiliated with.

The Best Online Bike Stores in the US

The Best Online Bike Stores in the UK

The Best Online Bike Stores in Europe

The Best Online Bike Stores in Canada

The Best Online Bike Stores in Australia


Below, I explain the ranking criteria more in-depth.

Trustpilot Rating

This ranking is based on the Trustscore of online stores.

Trustscore example: 5 stars rating from over 2000 reviews.
Trustscore example

Many negative reviews don’t necessarily mean the store is bad.

Trustpilot offers a paid service when they automate questionnaires sent to customers once they finish their purchase.

If the online store doesn’t pay for this service, their Trustpilot profiles often attract only dissatisfied customers.

Ask yourself, what’s the last time you added a positive or negative review without any incentive? Which ones do you add more often?


The country is self-explanatory. It’s the area where the store mainly operates.

Map of the world with markers in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia.
Selected countries which stores I included in this list | Map source:

Many online bike stores in the US ship to Canada and vice versa. Something similar applies to stores in Europe. They often ship to all EU member states.

You will learn more about shipping in the following section.

International Shipping

Some of the listed online stores offer international shipping.

For these stores, I have distinguished whether they only ship to a few selected countries (International shipping – Limited) or to the majority (International shipping – Yes).

Due to the ever-changing situation around international shipping, I didn’t include the shipping prices and “free shipping” limits.

Some (usually larger) stores offer free international shipping once you reach some order value. Remember, exclusions (on heavy and bulky items) apply.

You will also be required to pay import fees if applicable.

Product Offer

I considered the number of brands, products, and product categories when evaluating the product range.

I ranked their offer as:

  • Narrow – Stores with dozens or hundreds of cycling products or one product category.
  • Medium – Stores with thousands of cycling products.
  • Wide – Stores tens of thousands of cycling products.

Remember, it doesn’t mean that the store with more products is better than the one with fewer products!

Specialized stores often have a more educated staff that can provide more in-depth advice and support.

Cycling Only

This criterium shows whether the store sells only bicycle-related products or has its ‘fingers’ in other product categories.

For example, is known for its wide outdoor products offer. However, they also sell many cycling products from major brands.

The Online Bike Stores FAQ


When looking for the best online bike store, make sure to check out if they offer the products you want.

Then, check the customer reviews (mainly on Trustpilot or other trustworthy local review platforms).

The lowest prices are not always the biggest benefit. Delivery times, customer support, and especially how the store handles eventual claims are also worth your consideration.

I hope you find this list useful. If you have tips on online stores, please, let me know in the comments below.

Feel free also to share your good and bad experiences. This helps others to make educated decisions.

I will be grateful if you decide to support Cyclists Hub by shopping in stores I am affiliated with. I reinvest the earned money to create better content for you.

Thank you.
– Petr

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