2023 Doha World Cup, Junior World trials

2023 Doha World Cup, Junior World trials

It’s really nice to see she is working on her form. It’s still messy but I saw some pointed toes in there. She’s such a likable kid, so she is easy to root for. Just keep working on that form. Here is her balance beam routine.

FLOOR: 1. Sabrina Voinea 2. Chiaki Hatakeda 3. Breanna Scott Others: [Elina Grawin]

BEAM: 1. Sabrina Voinea 2. Anna Lashchevska 3. Emma Malewski [Balance Beam ceremony] Others: [Qiu Qiyuan] [Coline Devillard]

VAULT: 1. Chusovitna 2. Camille Rasmussen 3. Coline Devillard Others [Sabrina Voinea] [Ruby Stacey] [Agata Vostruchovaite] [Darya Yassinskaya] [Patricie Makovickova] [ Vault Medal ceremony]

UNEVEN BARS: Others: [Georgia-Rose Brown] [Qiu Qiyuan]

Junior World Championship Trials are tomorrow. (Thanks Gigi)

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