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Hi Alex, how have you been? How was your summer?
Hey guys! We’ve just come back from New Zealand and are off to another winter season. It’s been really awesome to catch up with the old gang and my family.

Sounds lovely! The new season is kicking off. Any exciting plans for this winter?
We’re really stoked on this upcoming season. We’ve got such a sick crew and can’t wait to start filming. There’s gonna be loads of trips as usual and hopefully, the van will be all good to take us on new adventures. [Alex, his girlfriend Chiara and their daughter spend most of their time living out of their van, that sadly got stolen this summer, but thanks to social media and word-of-mouth the van made it back to them]

Veroniqi Hansen.

So congrats on the new Rusty film, it seems like you guys have such a good crew. Do you want to briefly introduce everyone and their most memorable moment from filming the new rusty edit? How about your most memorable moment?
I love these guys, they’re honestly like family to us. In our current crew, we’ve got: Veroniqi, Dusan, Nicholas Bridgeman, Nata, Simon Gruber, Chicca (lil_labio) and myself but this year we’re gonna have a couple more additions to the crew. I don’t want to give out too many spoilers but let’s say that we can’t wait to get out there.

“I love these guys, they’re honestly like family to us”

I think in general just having India always there at every spot is pretty memorable. It’s something I will never forget and really cherish.

Where did you film the edit? Any personal favourite spots and why?
We filmed in Italy, the Czech and Austria. I personally love Czech, it’s just got spots everywhere. Anything can be a spot. For sure my favourite was the spot in the last shot of the movie. It was just so sick also to have Fede, Chiara, India and Eric there. They really helped me make it happen. At a certain point, it got all muddy and the snow was super wet. Just shit conditions to be honest but I actually really enjoy that type of stuff. I love to struggle to make things happen. I hate when things are easy.

Alex Stewart with his daughter India.

Looks like your daughter got to spend some time at the spots too. When are you planning on getting her on the slopes?
We actually have already tried to put India on a board in New Zealand. She looked so funny. We definitely don’t want to pressure her at all. We kind of just did it because there were a couple tiny boards there and she seemed to like it so that’s pretty sick.

Thank you Alex!
Thank you Stella! It’s always a pleasure.

The crew and the van.

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