Our Running Warehouse Picks of The Week (11/11/2022)

What You Need To Know

  • The sun is setting earlier, finally
  • Running Warehouse has plenty of new styles
  • Check back next week for even more good stuff

Can you believe it? It’s almost Black Friday. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready to spend all of the dollars on even more running gear. There are a few things I’m missing for the cooler weather, but thankfully Running Warehouse has me covered. It has more new drops than you can shake a stick at

We tried to cover the full range of launches, but each week is a mystery. Our picks are all over the place this week, but there’s always something to pick up. Our goal is to provide a few new selections each week, so check back real soon if you’re not into this week’s options.

If we’ve reviewed one of our picks, we’ll be sure to link it. If not… maybe just trust us? We’d be buying all of this gear ourselves if we had an unlimited budget.

NOTE: We earn affiliate revenue from Running Warehouse, so anything you buy helps us keep the lights on.

Salomon Fast Wing Glove

running warehouse 1111 salomon glove

As House Stark would say, “winter is coming.” It’s not here yet, but there’s no harm in preparing for the coming colder months. One of the best things you can do is make sure that your gloves are up to snuff. Running Warehouse has heaps to choose from, but the Salomon Fast Wing gets our vote for its combination glove-mitten design. When you need the extra coverage, you can just attach the mitten cover to keep that heat bundled inside.

PRICE: $55

Shop Salomon Fast Wing Glove

Women’s Asics Novablast 3

running warehouse 1111 asics novablast

If we haven’t professed our love for the Asics Novablast 3 enough, here’s one more go. It might be our favorite daily trainer of the year, and it’s certainly worth the wait now that it’s available for purchase. The Flytefoam Blast Plus midsole offers plenty of pop, and the shoe itself seems to look better and better every single year. This high-visibility colorway just arrived at Running Warehouse, and it might be the perfect companion for days when the sunlight doesn’t last all that long.

PRICE: $140

Shop Asics Novablast 3 – Women

Men’s New Balance Xmas Long Sleeve

running warehouse 1111 new balance long sleeve

Now that we’re into November, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Maybe you’ve already made a list, but why not turn yourself into the gift? That seems to be the idea behind this year’s New Balance Xmas long sleeve, which is decked out like a roll of wrapping paper. It’s made from NB Dry fabric, which is a moisture and odor-wicking polyester to keep you dry and fresh even on cold winter mornings. If nothing else, it’ll be a hit at a holiday 5k.

PRICE: $80

Shop New Balance Xmas Long Sleeve – Men

Women’s Craft Advance SubZ Jacket 2

running warehouse 1111 craft jacket

You simply cannot have too many jackets for winter running. You can’t. If you’re Robbe, you only need one because you wash it like every other week, but the rest of us thrive on a rotation. Craft’s SubZ Jacket 2 is quickly making its way in there thanks to its three-layer construction and all-over wind coverage. There are thumb holes to keep your sleeves locked in place, and we can’t be mad at the colorway that’s available from Running Warehouse.

PRICE: $116

Shop Craft SubZ Jacket 2 – Women

Men’s Saucony Triumph 20 RunShield

running warehouse 1111 saucony triumph

Rough weather is a part of the winter running experience, but it shouldn’t relegate you to a treadmill. Brands are coming out with new weather-ready shoes just about every year, and Saucony’s RunShield collection looks as good as any. This year’s designs are inspired by Robert Frost and combine a water-resistant upper with a thick PwrRun Plus sole that you know and love. Running Warehouse also has a few trail options in case you’re ready to ditch the roads.

PRICE: $170

Shop Saucony Triumph 20 RunShield

Ciele GoCap

running warehouse 1111 salomon glove

We’re going to have to switch to our winter hats soon, but there’s always time to bump one more road option. The GoCap from Ciele is a classic, and it combines comfort, style, and plenty of flexibility. Seriously, you can choose from more colorways than you can probably count. It’s easily adjustable, and the mesh construction lets your head breathe, even on unseasonably warm November days — which is every day so far.

PRICE: $40

Shop Ciele GoCap

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