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Self-Doubt — Strickland’s Martial Arts in Flower Mound, TX

It’s not easy to enjoy your life or to achieve great things when you’re afraid or doubt your own capabilities. Self Doubt whispers in your ear that you’re not worth it.  It gladly points out that you don’t deserve success.  It constantly reminds you that you’re not strong enough, that you don’t have enough education, and you don’t have any credibility. Self doubt cripples you. By practicing martial arts you can overcome this. Through martial arts training you learn about your own strengths and weaknesses. Its through this hard physical training that you learn how to break through limitations and take yourself to the next level of growth and self-discovery. To overcome self doubt and fear.

When it comes to free sparring for example, you have to overcome self doubt and fear. Yes, everybody gets hit. Theres no way around it. Some will even get minor bumps and bruises at some point even while wearing protective gear. This is part of martial arts training. Don’t believe anybody who tells you differently. However, very few practitioners experience injury while training as every precaution necessary is in place. The use of safety gear is one reason for this. But a more important reason is the care and knowledge of our competent instructors here at Stricklands Martial Arts who know how to gradually introduce sparring drills that are both age-appropriate and rank-specific before gear is ever put on. This is all done to help build the confidence needed to overcome any self doubt about sparring.

Both beginners and experienced martial artist experience self-doubt, fear, and anxiety at some time or another in their training. So how do we overcome this? Well simply put, with more practice and training. The more you attend classes and practice the more likely you are to get the techniques and drills right. Your ultimate success in martial arts is in direct proportion to your effort, focus and persistence. The more that you focus on the fact that you are not getting the drills or skills right, the more you will become frustrated. Fix this. Change your focus, keep it positive, and suddenly you will get the techniques right.

Winners and losers both feel fear and self-doubt.  Winners acknowledge them and move forward.  They recognize their shortcomings, but take action.  Losers make excuses. Don’t make excuses, overcome your fear. Remember Without Fear you cannot be Brave!

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