Sergio Pérez virtually drove around Mexican GP with eyes closed

If you drive through a particular area enough times, you’ll likely commit some or all of it to memory.

The same is true for race car drivers, who can spend much of their careers competing on the same tracks, as well as practicing virtually. So they really get to know the twists and quirks of so many different tracks.

But Formula 1 driver Sergio Pérez might be able to tackle the Mexico City Grand Prix track blindfolded. Well, probably not in actuality because that’d be super dangerous. But the veteran Red Bull Racing driver recently showed off just how well he knows the Mexico City track, and it was impressive.

With the 4.304-kilometer circuit on a screen behind him, Pérez “drove” around the track with his eyes closed, and it was pretty astonishing. He wasn’t perfect but his timing was incredible and the video is mesmerizing.

The Mexican Grand Prix is set for Sunday at 3:55 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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