Spotify launches personalized BPM mixes to help you with your running cadence

Are you looking to improve your running cadence but sick and tired of reminding yourself to take shorter strides? In Spotify’s new update, users can find personalized “Made For You” bpm mixes generated from your listening history in precise beats per minute (bpm) ranges.

In 2015, Spotify previously released a “During The Run” feature but retired it in 2018. “Made For You” is a continuation of the previous feature but improved with a mix of your personal favourites. 

Music is one of the best techniques to help you stay focused and motivated to continue the rhythm of your stride. Now, runners can let Spotify do all the hard work of making that perfect playlist to suit their running cadence, and the days of worrying about that next song slowing down your pace are over. 

The term cadence refers to the number of steps or strides you take per minute. Some runners aspire to improve their cadence to help them run faster with the same or less effort, but it can also lessen your chance of injury. Keeping cadence near the target rate will reduce stress on your feet, ankles and knees while improving your running economy.

Music is a valuable tool to help your body and brain adapt to a quicker cadence. With listening, your stride rate will increase, and your risk of injury will go down, which is music to any runner’s ears.

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