Three AEW and WWE stories to watch for week of November 14

A new week is upon the wrestling community and that means new action to look forward to seeing. AEW is building to Full Gear on Saturday, November 19, while WWE pushes toward WWE Survivor Series WarGames that next weekend. With that in mind, here are three big items that wrestling fans should keep their eye on for this week.

The build to AEW Full Gear

AEW Full Gear goes down on Saturday. Some will debate that the lead-up to the event hasn’t been the strongest. There are big matches on the show like Jon Moxley versus MJF, Saraya versus Britt Baker, and Jamie Hayter versus Toni Storm. But at the same time, there are other matches like Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal teaming to take on Sting and Darby Allin that seem like they would fit better on a weekly episode of Dynamite or Rampage.

Still, with two go-home shows this week, there’s an opportunity for AEW to make a big push to build fan investment in this event. It does not need any more matches, as nine is plenty for a PPV, but fans should expect to see something go down on these two nights leading into the PPV.

Austin Theory: What now?

Austin Theory’s cash-in attempt on the November 7 edition of Monday Night Raw was a major talking point for wrestling fans. Some felt like the segment and the match worked to get the briefcase off Theory while establishing Seth Rollins as a babyface. The question that remains is “what’s next for Austin Theory?”

Theory has an upside to him, but the mistake was made to put the briefcase in his hands. His run under Vince McMahon saw that the company was trying to build him into a pillar for the future, but that push was forced and fans completely rebuffed that. Triple H’s WWE saw him almost get embarrassed week after week, and there was no way he was going to cash in on Roman Reigns. He was in a tough position, but now WWE can rebuild him through patient booking that can lead to an established performer that fans come around to enjoying.

Bobby Lashley’s heel-turn arc

Coming out of WWE Crown Jewel it seems that Bobby Lashley is now a heel. He dominated Brock Lesnar, then continued to attack the former champion after the match. That next evening, he dominated Seth Rollins, while sabotaging Austin Theory’s cash-in attempt. While all of that may not ring as “heel” characteristics, some are wondering if that means WWE is making a change with Lashley’s character.

The verdict is out on whether that change should happen. Lashley’s recent work has been some of the best of his career. He was over with the crowd as a heel in The Hurt Business and his recent run as a babyface also clicked. Is this a reaction to the crowd at Crown Jewel? They booed him resoundingly in that match with Lesnar, but that same reaction hasn’t followed him back in the United States yet. Either way, Lashley’s next run should be compelling to watch as he’s consistently overperformed in his role.

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